I have a huge "S"!

Over the holidays I spent some time making steel monograms for the family for Xmas and ended up fooling around with some new finishes. The monograms came out great and were a fun, quick project but by no means fine art. I was surprised how much I liked them. They were simple and quaint, but mostly they were very sentimental to me as I kept imagining them hanging on the walls of family members. This got me thinking that Sabrina and I should have one too and I decided to make a really big one, for fun. Maybe to put outside. I had recently produced a homemade batch of cupric chloride to dilute and use as a rusting agent and was keen to try this out as well. While this piece really doesn't have a place in my latest collection I am really enamored with it. I was fun and simple to make and i just love it. Finished, with some great rust. This piece measures four feet tall by 38" wide and is 4" deep.

Here are some pics of my big "S".