Studio update, What's Trav up to?

After spending December making gifts for the family I am back in the studio to tie up some loose ends and finish a few pieces in progress. I am working on around five new pieces right now and am experimenting with a new finish that is a bit different for me but intriguing. Following are a few pics of the piece in process. As usual, there were more than a few "oh hey! It looks great just like that!" moments, but I managed to forge on with my original plans and ended up with a new finish showcasing a lot more color than we are used to seeing in my pieces. Enjoy!


Again, a bit more color than we're used to from me but I am just fascinated with this finish. Viewed in person, one can see there is quite a lot going on here in terms of depth and layering. It's almost reminiscent of linen in it's texture as I have built up multiple layers of medium to achieve this look and feel.